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Multiple award winning Singer, Composer & Songwriter
Listening to the songs of Sonam Kalra’s Sufi Gospel Project is like attending a great gig in the sky, it’s like walking in on an intimate conversation she is having with God—divine, calm-inducing and therapeutic.  - Live Mint
Gifted with a soul-stirring voice,Sonam Kalra combines western gospel music with Indian classical sounds to create music that moves you from deep within -  Daily Mail, United Kingdom
Sonam Kalra: A unique soul stirring voice of spirituality. -, Australia
A music all her own, built to bind a riven world.
Sunday Guardian
Sonam Kalra & The Sufi Gospel Project | Confluence
The Amazing Grace Prayer
Hallelujah Allah Hoo
Chal Bulleya
Abide With Me
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Sonam Kalra

Multiple award-winning singer and composer, Sonam Kalra is known for her beautiful, powerful voice and complex compositions. Trained in both Indian and Western traditions of music, she is equally adept at both. Her creative and unique expressions of music have made her a popular voice
 at prestigious stages including the Sydney Opera House and MTV's Coke Studio as well at  festivals and  venues  across 30 countries.
Sonam is a member of the Grammy Recording Academy and has been felicitated with many awards.
Sonam has shared the stage with legendary musicians like Sir Bob Geldof at the Sounds of Freedom Concert in New Delhi  and Sufi Legend Abida Parveen at Muzaffar Ali's World Sufi Festival. She was invited to sing at Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's wedding as well as Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor's wedding. She has also performed at for the Prime Minister, and President of India as well as 52 heads of World states.

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A L F A T 
Sonam Kalra & The Sufi Gospel Project
Based on the poetry of Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Sonam Kalra &
The Sufi Gospel Project
Stories of Separation
by Sonam Kalra
Sonam Kalra &
The Treble Makers
M A N  M A N A M
MTV Coke Studio

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